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Here you can instantly search hundreds of homes currently for sale in Sudbury and Surrounding Areas. This free home search includes MLS® listings from real estate agents accross Canada and gets updated every 24 hours. Try it now!

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View real estate listings just like agents do! Sign up now and get inside access to the Sudbury Real Estate Board's MLS® system. This free service shows you 100% of all active listings on Sudbury MLS® which match your criteria and sends you instant email updates!

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Ultramax® Featured Listings

View all Ultramax® MLS® Listings here!

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Exclusive Listings

Exclusive listings are properties listed for sale exclusively with Ultramax® These listing are not available on MLS® There are many reasons why some sellers prefer listing exclusively and I often have some very hot properties listed here! Check back regularly or sign up for my free listing notifications.

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FSBO Listings

I offer For Sale By Owner marketing and consulting services. Here you can view homes that are for sale by owner. The Sellers featured on this page have hired me to simply advertise their home for sale. Buyers may contact these sellers directly to view the homes and make an offer. Contact me if you have any questions.

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Buy a Private Sale

For Private Buyers & Sellers who need some additional assistance with writing a proper offer and negotiating a fair price and terms etc. I can help you with that as well. Make sure you take the necessary steps to protect yourself! Learn more about my innovative offer drafting and negotiating services.

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Sudbury Foreclosures

Find out how to get a great deal on foreclosures in Sudbury and surrounding areas. View all foreclosures currently on Sudbury MLS®

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New Homes!

Get a list of all new homes currently available on Sudbury MLS®. Get help comparing one builder to the next and find the new home that's perfect for you!

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Sudbury Condos

View all condos for sale on Sudbury MLS®. Learn the important differences between buying a condo and buying a house!

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Income Properties

View all income properties currently for sale on Sudbury MLS®. Learn how you can get paid to own real estate! Find positive cash flow properties!

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Waterfront Homes

Are you looking for a waterfront home? High end waterfront homes are my absolute favorite! Let me show you all the best waterfront homes in the Sudbury area!

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Estate Sales

Estate sales in Sudbury are often well cared for, well priced, solid homes that make a great home and an excellent investment. View estate sales on Sudbury MLS®

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Hello! My name is John Reeves and I'm the owner and Broker of Record of Ultramax Realty Inc., Brokerage. I am here to provide home buyers and sellers with important information regarding the Sudbury real estate market. My first consultation is free and I'm confident you'll see, that I'm knowledgeable, professional and trustworthy! Give me a shout if you have any questions, I can usually return your call within an hour. I offer a wide variety of high quality services and very competitive rates! 705-470-3003